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This is a brief introduction which I hope will become not only an outlet for my own ambitions, including painting, photography and interior design, but also where visitors will find of interest. I am a Russian, who has been living in Denmark for over 15 years now, currently in Odense, which is located in Funen, and previously in Copenhagen (Zeeland). At the turn of the century, I also lived with my family in the United States, in the lovely area of Monterey Bay in California. We lived next to the renowned town of Carmel – a place full of art galleries. It is also a center for fine art collectors and enthusiasts. I am an architect by profession but I’m also painting privately.


During that time, some events happened coincidentally, putting me in the right place at the right time. Since I had plenty of free time on my hands, I had the opportunity to exhibit my paintings and drawings. Everything started with a very simplistic charcoal drawing of a black cat. The piece, after it got framed – by a great surprise to me – was literally begged for to be sold. I didn't get excited by any material gain considerations but was truly fascinated by the mere fact of acknowledgement by somebody outside my family. That turned me really enthusiastic about sharing my works and gave me an energetic impetus for continuing on my efforts in the artistic reflection of what I saw around.

Today, I am in Denmark, a place full of natural beauty and man-created ambiance of magic rooted in centuries. In addition to my painting, I am also an interior designer, home decorator, and photographer and have extensive international experience. I keep on doing the same, but with a little shift to technology. Here comes my website where you can view my work, including my paintingsinterior design projectsfurniture decoration and florist compositions in a collection of digital images. Feel free to browse around and check my work or call me at +45 22 96 62 75

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