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Here are digital prints of some of my paintings which I would like to share with viewers. My work includes urban paintings, contemporary, abstract paintings, watercolour and more. Please note that the paintings presented here are examples of my work, some of which are still available to purchase.      If any of the paintings attract interest please call me at  +45 22 96 62 75

Urban Paintings

These urban paintings give the viewer a feel of busy streets, heavily populated areas, city skylines, and the scenery that people living in urban areas tend to find. They portray the urban life for you to discover. Made in abstract form, the paintings depict life in hustling metropolitan cities and can make a great addition to any home.

With Fresh Wind

Fresh Wind Paintings by Olga Volkova bring the stormy sea and a whiff of fresh air straight to you. From Salty Splashes to Salted Breeze, Fresh Wind and Rushing Home, they make a great addition to any existing collection. Check my work below and contact me for any inquiries at +45 22 96 62 75


Abstract paintings let me express art without referring to objects in real life. As an artist, I can manifest myself without resorting to objects taken from the world. These paintings have allowed me to experiment with different colors, create new shapes and let go of realistic perspective.


Painting with watercolor gives me a versatile and flexible medium, allowing to yield a variety of results. Although a tricky medium to master, it is definitely a skill worth pursuing. Reflection of light off the white paper and the colors give these paintings a luminosity that is truly magical.


Here are some of my other paintings that I would like to share with my viewers. Don’t forget to call me at +45 22 96 62 75 or write me an e-mail at

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