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I believe in finding my passion and pursuing it. Being a photographer is seriously awesome, and what I started out as a hobby is appreciated by so many around me. The best part is being able to capture the moment in eternity with a click and keep it for years to come. One thing to know is that you need more than creativity to become a great photographer. Check some of the photos I have taken from all over the world, from Southern France and Corsica to Dunes of Jetland, castles on Funen Island in Denmark and many more.

Fine Art Prints

I print only on the finest available papers and canvas to ensure that you receive the highest quality product. All papers are authentic archival quality, meaning they will outlast you and your grandchildren without fading. My hope is that these prints stay with you for years to come and become valued assets as well as pieces that inspire and arouse the viewer. Contact me at or give me a call at +45 22 96 62 75 to know more about my work.

Finish – Matte, Glossy, Canvas

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