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About me

I am a Russian who has lived in Denmark for 16 years. I am qualified as an architect and have also worked as an interior designer for many years. I have experience living in different countries, in particular, two years in California where I also worked as an interior designer. Being inspired by breathtaking California landscapes and cities, I opened in myself proclivity of an artist, and now many of my paintings are hanging in various American houses.

I have an extensive international experience; I have worked at exhibitions in Hannover, Cologne, and Frankfurt; created interior design and decorated shops in London, Hamburg, Moscow and Sankt-Petersburg.
However, life goes on and now I'm living in Denmark. During my whole life I have always tried to learn something new, so in addition to my education as an architect, I decided to add multimedia design, and now I am an E-Concept Development alumnus from Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education in Odense.

As I said, I am passionate about everything that goes around interior design as well as digital media/design. Besides I have a love for photography, medieval history, travelling and reading books (mostly crime). Feel free to browse around my website to view my work, from interior design to furniture decoration, photography, paintings, and floral compositions. You can also call me at +45 22 96 62 75 to know more about my work or to buy my paintings.


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